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Personalised and Private Registration Plates


Personalised and Private Registration plates.

Some private individuals are still confused as to what the term private, personalised or cherished number plates means. If a registration mark is owned by a private person or a private number plate broker or DVLA themselves then all of these would be classed as private, personalised or cherished number plates.

There are registration numbers that are on vehicles that have just been manufactured and released which will come with a current style number plate on, if the buyer of the vehicle decides to take the registration mark off the vehicle and put that mark on a retention document off DVLA, then this would become a private or cherished number plate.

All vehicle registration numbers are originally released by DVLA themselves, whether they have been issued to new or older vehicle or whether they are private number plates that have been held back for one of the DVLA personalised number plate auctions held throughout the year.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if a registration number on a vehicle is a private number plate or not ,as many people will buy current style and prefix style number plates as their initials or names to place on their vehicles. You are able to do this as long as the vehicle the number plates are going on do not make the vehicle appear newer than the time of original registration. You are able to place older style registration numbers or the correct year of mark on any vehicle. This is a strict rule of DVLA and they will not register a number plate to a vehicle if this is not the case.

Most number plate transfers are usually quite straight forward and completed within around 4 weeks, once all the relevant paperwork has been received by the DVLA. If you are doing a personalised number plate transfer you should send the relevant documents directly to your local DVLA office wherever that may be.


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