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How many private number plates are you allowed


How many private number plates are you allowed to purchase as an individual.

There are no limits as to how many private and personalised number plates you are allowed to own as a private individual or a cherished number plate broker. Any amount of registration marks can be held on retention certificates or certificate of entitlements at any one time. Each certificate will need renewing each year at a cost of £25 to DVLA ,unless the registration mark is placed on a vehicle before the date for renewal on the document.

As private number plates are great investments many people do own more than one, in fact over the last few years DVLA have found that more and more of the general public are attending the personalised number plate auctions that they hold throughout the year. Often there are more private buyers than number plate brokers themselves in recent years.

So why not invest now and select a number plate you would like to purchase. Most private number plate brokers also offer a free valuation service via email. Therefore you are able to find out how much your registration number is worth before placing it for sale, this way you will not make the mistake of selling it below the market value, and in fact you may be surprised by the actual value of the number plate.


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