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Football plates have hit the latest DVLA auction


The latest DVLA auction coming up is going to be held at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0SL

The 3 day event will take place commencing on Thursday 6th September and end on 8th September.

In this latest private number plate auction all those football fanatics out there will be over the moon as there is a whole range of football team named number plates going under the hammer!

To name a few will be CHE 153A (Chelsea), WE57 HAM (West Ham), ALB 10N (Albion), V1 LLA (Villa) and AR53 NAL (Arsenal). So wherever you are coming from to attend this auction you will be able to have the chance to claim your favourite football teams registration marks. However saying this, all these particular number plates are thought to fetch high prices and no doubt there will be more than one bidder on each of the plates, so you will have to be prepared to go all the way if you want to win in the bidding war.

Along with these cherished number plates will be plenty others to purchase, in fact around 1500 number plates will be going up for grabs as there is at every DVLA auction held throughout the year.

It will be very interesting to see what kind of turnout there will be at this particular auction due to the full range of great football team named plates that will be available to purchase. As we all know football is one of the biggest sports in history and all teams have a great number of supporters.

However there will be lots of other styles of personalised number plates available, ranging from names, hobbies and initials, so it will be worth going along to see what you might be able to pick up, and also it is always a fun day out. Private number plate brokers and the general public are all welcome and the DVLA staff are always willing to help and offer any assistance needed.

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