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Winter number plates, Cherished and Personalised


Cherished, Personalised and Private number plates perfect gifts for the winter season.

Well here we go again another year gone and we are approaching the winter months and all have Christmas to think about. If you are wanting to purchase a special and personalised gift for a loved one or friend, then private number plates are the perfect unique gift. Which will definately be a gift that will be remembered forever, which wil never go out of date or be left unused like many gifts will be.

Private number plates are becoming more popular as the years go on and private collectors and number plate dealers are starting to see the difference in the DVLA auctions as they become more popular and the demand for certain registrations gets higher. A lot of the older dateless number plates are coming back in to circulation and this means that more and more will be available to purchase across the country.

Collectors of old vehicles with private number plates on are starting to realise that the number plates are worth something, and requesting valuations for their Cherished plates. They can then put the registration marks on to a retention document and place them for sale, either via number plate brokers and privately themselves.

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