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DVLA Auction Ardencote Manor Warwick


The prices at the DVLA  Auction were amazing considering we are in a triple dip recession, what recession a man at the auction said. The private number plates have made record prices particularly the personalised registration marks that spell names .The select number plate SM11 THY  had a reserve price of  £2000 and made a grand total of  £37563. Also the cherished registration  WR11 GHT had a reserve price of  £1000 and made a whopping  £26805. A spokesman at the auction said number plates are now attracting serious investors, not just car enthusiasts. The next DVLA  Auction is on the 30th, 31st January and the 1st of febuary 2013. Held at  Oxon Belfry Hotel, Milton Common, Nr Thame, Oxfordshire OX9.


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