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DVLA Auction Oxford Belfry Hotel


At the DVLA  Auction on the 30th to the 31st of January 2013 there were 1500 registration number plates that went into the auction, 168 of  them not sold equating to  11% of number plates unsold. But the ones that were sold made record prices. The registration PA12 MAR  had a reserve price of £1000 and it was sold for £23,000 plus the buyers premium, plus the dvla transfer fee and the VAT total price £29,988. Also  the number plate  SE11 BUY made £5782 far more than the reserve of  £900, this number plate would be great for any company that buys and sells such as estate agents, pawn brokers and second hand shops. It really has endless opportunities for advertising to promote ones company, what a buy!

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