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Cherished Number Plates Auction



Auction of cherished number plates to be held at the De Vere Village Hotel, Leeds, South Capitol Boulevard, Tingley, West Leeds from the 20th to the 22nd of March 2013.  Persons wishing to bid on number plates should register first and get a bidders number.  Always remember the total cost of purchase.  At the fall of the auctioneers gavel you will have to pay for the lot you have purchased, and this will be subject to the buyers premium, plus the vat and the transfer fee. Refer to the DVLA Personalised Registration Cataloque on page 14.  What will it cost - there is a breakdown of costs so you can see the total cost of the number plate you are intending to bid on, for example a bid of £1000 will be a total cost for the registration being £1376. The numbers in the auction will only be sold if they make the reserve price or higher, none of the numbers are sold below the reserve price, if you make an offer below the reserve price it will be rejected. Before bidding you must provide identification and have a current debit card or credit card with you. If you are succesful in acquiring one of the number plates in the auction you must pay a 10% deposit there and then on the day of sale. If you are buying a private plate for a present or a suprise the DVLA are now selling two special types of presentation boxes,  the most expensive in wood at £99 and the standard box at £39 .


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