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Number Plate Valuation

Select Number Plates staff have over 40 years experience in valuing number plates and classic automobiles. When we value a cherished number plate it is done by one of our experienced staff and not a machine or a computer. You can be assured that every effort has been made to check the exact value of your registration number. Extensive research and time is carried out on each individual registration by qualified staff that have served their time within the motor industry. We know how many plates have been issued and the dates when they were issued, also how many have been sold and how many are currently in the market place at the moment, also whether they are on vehicles or on a retention document V778, or a certificate of entitlement  V750. We also check how popular the letters and numbers are in your registration, certain letters and numbers are more valuable than others, for example J M  will be more valuable than  VX  and  888 will have more value than 444. The reason for this is  888  number plates are often purchased buy chinese people because they believe that  888 is very lucky, also a registration with  666  may be purchased by satanic followers. Our valuations are more accurate than  other number plate brokers that use an automated system, where they can give an instant free email valuation that is produced by a computer.  Many number plate valuations that were created  many years ago are now out of date. It is now necessary to look at the state of the world economy and various trends. Certain number plates are still a good investment, where as others are not so desirable. If the market place is flooded with similar types of registrations you will normally recieve one of our valuations within 24 hours, in certain cases if we are very busy it may take longer depending on the amount of registrations waiting to be valued. Many solicitors and the Police use our services to get a current market value as they may require a valuation for probate or a divorce case and the Police usually want a value for the recovery for the Proceeds of Crime Act.. Sometimes it is needed to acquire a written valuation certificate, which can be produced within 24 hours. If obtaining a valuation for the intention of selling a registration mark you will be provided with the exact price your number plate will be advertised for, and the net figure you will receive when the plate has been sold. Should an offer be made you will be telephoned, and the offer will be put forward to yourself  for you to make the decision whether to accept the offer or not. If the offer is accepted you will be sent an email to confirm the transaction. Once you have accepted the offer a deposit will be taken or full payment made, this will then be a legally binding contract between our company and yourself. Only at this point will the company require your documents, this will either be your retention document  V778  or your certificate of entitlement  V750  or your vehicle registration certificate  V5C  known as your log book, with this you must supply a photocopy of your tax disc and your  MOT  certificate if applicable.  The documents must be originals and not photocopies with exception of the tax disc. It is still possible to sell your registration if it has been SORN with the DVLA  V11,  you can only put your vehicle on a SORN certificate if there are no gaps between the tax and MOT expiry dates, in other words if your tax and MOT ran out in January it would not be possible to declare your vehicle SORN in  August that year. It must be done at the same time as the expiry dates allthough  DVLA  may consider giving a few weeks grace. The SORN then lasts for 12 Months, which will then allow you time to transfer your registration onto another vehicle or put it onto a retention certificate  V778. In certain circumstances they may still issue the option to retrieve your number plate after longer periods of time, but you will need to write to them at the DVLA  Personalised Registrations DVLA  Swansea  SA99 1BW.  Once we have sold your number plate the Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency will issue your vehicle with another age related plate, in most cases the original plate that came with the vehicle providing it is still avaliable.  When the new documents arrive from the  DVLA  the transfer is now complete. It is at this point when payment can be made to yourself, the same applies if the registration is on either a retention document or a certificate of entitlement, the payment is sent when the  DVLA have completed the transfer of the registration mark.


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