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Transformation of DVLA Services


There is going to be a major transformation of the DVLA Swansea including the DVA in Northern Ireland, the changes are taking place with immediate effect. The DVLA local offices, of which there are currently 39 throughout the UK  are going to  close permanently between June and October 2013. The 39 local offices are going to be replaced with 4000 Post Offices throughout the UK, they will offer a range of vehicle related services that were available at DVLA and DVA local offices previously. All Post Office staff and personnel have been trained by the DVLA to take on the extra work,  which also includes cherished transfers of private number plates, also putting number plates on retention and taxing of all vehicles of which many Post Offices did previously. You will also be able to transfer registration numbers on and off Northern Ireland vehicles, which used to be quite a long and lengthy process. Transferring a registration from a Northern Ireland vehicle to a vehicle registered in England, the paperwork had to be sent to DVA NI in Coleraine and the DVLA in Coventry, also when transferring a DVLA registered number plate to a Northern Ireland vehicle there used to be the need to use a donor vehicle in the UK to register the number plate on, and then transfer the registration number from the UK registered  vehicle to the Northern Ireland vehicle.The need for this process will shortly be no longer necessary, with the DVLA Swansea and the DVA NI almalgamating. There will be 1.5 million vehicle records transferred from the DVA NI in Northern Ireland to the DVLA in Swansea. The Northern Ireland offices are intended to close by October 2013. The intention by the DVLA and the DVA NI are to streamline all services along with cost cutting throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. The DVLA currently have 40 million paperwork transactions per year, they also have over 3000 different types of paperwork forms and have in excess of 200.000 mail items per day to DVLA Swansea alone. 60% of private number plate registrations are processed at Swansea, this has been a 20% increase in the last twelve months for cherished number plates. Garage owners, car dealers, main agents and all trade licence holders known as trade plates can now only apply for their trade plates at DVLA Swansea, where as before they would apply at their local office, also there is no need to inspect trade premises. ID is also not needed for first registration for trade plates, but may be asked for at a later date. After December 2013 you will be able to tax all vehicles in any name, provided you have a valid Motor Traders Policy and have an account with the DVLA. There will also be the option to pay money into your account and top it up when necessary. This will be a pre-funded account for use in the Post Offices for all vehicle related transactions, if you do not have an account you will be able to pay at the counter. There will be a standard charge of £2.50 for most transactions. Another new legislation is the 14 days grace of driving with no tax disc, motor dealerships, car dealers and fleet operators and vehicle suppliers can let clients, new purchasers of vehicles go out on public open roads with no tax disc provided they have applied for it on the correct dates. This is not a law that condones having no tax, it just means that if it has been applied for and it is not avaliable for any reason example: the post has been lost, or the Post Offiice have run out of discs you may drive for fourteen days without prosecution. If you should require a duplicate tax disc there are only 400 Post Offices that can provide these. Most tax discs arrive on time in the post, the current statistics show that 98% of all tax discs applied for arrive between 3 and 5 days with a second class postage stamp. Currently a duplicate tax disc costs £7, there are talks taking place at the moment to abolish the tax disc within 3 years, but similar talks have been floating around for the last twenty years Another new legislation coming, you will be able to tax a Northern Ireland vehicle in the Post Office with Irish documents provided the MOT was carried out in Ireland. Other benefits are, being able to change the registered keeper online, also personalised registration online. There are also talks of the insurance industry having full access to the Driver Vehicle data base. There may be certain issues in the transitional period with the Post Office taking over the role of the DVLA local offices, particularly in March when the new registrations come out. Only time will tell if the DVLA have made the right decision. They have given the Post Office a 7- year lease with the option to renew for a further 3 years after the expiry date, thus giving the Post Offices that opt into this scheme 10 years tied in with the DVLA.



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