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Private number plates


Hundreds of private and cherished number plate valuations requests are submitted every single day fill in the form online and you will receive your valuation request back within 48 hours. If you know how much you require net for your own personalised number plate that is either on your vehicle or on a retention document or certificate of entitlement, we are able to place your number plate for sale on our website free of charge. We work on a commission basis therefore it is totally free to sell your number plate as we put our commission on top of your required net figure. As we have many telephone calls and emails every single day with offers for number plates advertised on our website, we would contact the private number plate owner and discuss this before taking any further action as to selling the number plate.

Private number plates are perfect gifts for Birthdays or Christmas or any special occasion and the demand for personalised number plates has become much greater over the last few years, if you have a private number plate on your car or van or any vehicle it is your own personal touch and makes you stand out from the crowd. Private number plates can also be classed as a status symbol and you will find that many top professionals and famous actors and actresses own cherished number plates. If you ask the question to an individual that is interested in private and cherished number plates you will find that often whether they are members of the general public, famous people or top professionals they will own at least one personalised number plate, we have many clients that own more than ten number plates themselves and whether they want to buy or sell another private number plate they will have a passion for motor vehicles and number plates in general.

Car enthusiasts and motor traders also see private number plates with a keen eye and can always spot a valuable number plate, it is always best to do your research when buying or selling a personalised number plate to get the best deal. Many sellers of number plates will always take an offer into consideration so it is always worth making an offer.

Private number plates are a great investment and never lose their value as most number plates go up in value each year and become more popular and desirable. As number plates are always personal to the individual they belong to especially if they state first names, surnames and company names the value of the actual registration number can be priceless and the owner of the registration number may never want or need to sell the number plate and therefore it could be passed down in the family or business. As you can hold a private number plate on a vehicle or on either a retention document or certificate of entitlement you are able to keep the registration mark for as long as you wish to.

There are four different categories of number plates which are dateless, suffix, prefix and current styles, wether you are able to place a number plate on a vehicle all depends on the year of the vehicle which has to be compatible with the year of the registration number. Any information regarding the dates of number plates and years of vehicles can be found in the info section of the website.


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