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DVLA Private number plate auction


Well as you would expect the latest DVLA private number plate auction had a brilliant turn out and yet again exceeded expectations of private number plate buyers and sellers from across the country. DVLA always hold around 1500 private number plates in the auctions and the majority of them sold for well over their reserves, however there are as always some number plates that dont meet their reserve and will be held back for future auctions that DVLA will hold throughout the next year or so.

If you were lucky enough to snap up the personalised number plate you wanted to purchase then that is great. If you have purchased a number plate to put on your own vehicle or any vehicle as a gift maybe for a family member or friend then you will be able to do so straight away as the registration mark will be held on a certificate of entitlement automatically issued by DVLA. However if you have purchased a number plate or number plates to invest for the future or even to sell on straight away to make some profit then you are able to put them for sale for the price you want for them and wait for a buyer to come along. If you are after a quick sale then most private number plate brokers will purchase number plates for their own stock but at a slightly lower price than the actual retail value.

When selling a cherished or private registration number most private number plate brokers will put their commission on top of the net figure you require for the number plate therefore you do not have to pay anything to sell your number plate. Also the whole DVLA process for the transfer of the registration number will be processed by the private number plate broker themselves, making it easier for you to buy and sell personalised number plates with no hassel. Private number plates purchased from DVLA auctions or personalised number plate brokers are a great investment for the future.

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