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Private number plates all have a value


We have been buying and selling private, personalised and cherished number plates for over 30 years and it still amazes us how many members of the public do not realise that they could be sitting in and driving around in a car or any vehicle with a number plate on that means nothing to them but could very well be someone elses name or initials or company name and be worth a lot of money to that individual.

If you were to get a free valuation on your number plate you may be surprised as to the actual value of the registration number, you therefore could be sitting on a gold mine and not even realise it. So why not fill in a valuation request in and wait for your reply and you may be happy and nicely surprised at the results you recieve.

However if you are already a private number plate fanatic you may have an idea of how much your personalised number plate is worth so if you want to sell your number plate and you know how much you would like to recieve for it net to yourself then just  fill in a number plate sales request and we will get that processed for you and contact you as soon as we have any offers or enquiries at all and we will then go through the whole procedure with you and explain all you need to know about the private number plate transfer. The DVLA will always issue a new registration mark to place on a vehicle when the registration mark that is already on the vehicle is removed.

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