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A blast from the past


The Trengwainton hill climb

With its Easter event a victim of petrol rationing, the west Cornwall M.C. was favored by an exceptionally, promising entry for its August bank holiday hill climb. Practicing saw both Reg Phillips and T Dryver unofficially lower the formers course record. With this promising portent of excitement to come, the Cornish crowd packed the hill side and prepared to enjoy itself in the brilliant weather. Punctually at 2pm the first climb was made and the sports cars up to 750cc did battle quietly but astonishingly rapidly, J S French winning decisively in 28.06 seconds. The more strongly supported sports cars up to 1-300cc saw P S Banbury trying hard in an Elva to topple Ash cleaves Morris special from its usual first place, but despite very neat cornering by the Elva the Morris was winner with a deceptive run in 26.4 seconds. An A40 powered Morris minor, driven by A J Harman disappointed the commentator with an unimpressive 31.75 seconds. Morgan plus 4, Lotus, Ace Bristol and the curious super charged Grayford made the running in the 3 liter class and it was S J Gray in the Grayford who won, gaining valuable time both on and between the numerous bends. Miss G Corlan showed Trengwainton its first Porsche and managed quiet ascent in 28.96 seconds. J T Skinner with a blown 1-250cc M G powered dellow proved not as fast as he used to be in his 1.500cc unblown dellow. Favored by a larger entry than ever before in the racing car class there was great excitement when T Dryver, 1-908cc cooper did a rousing run in 24.16 seconds and broke the old course record. Reg Phillips, whos fairly cooper climax was not quite au-point, replied with 24.75 seconds. W B Croot, driving a tubular chassis device with mercury motor mounted behind the driver and driving through a minor rear axle, crabbed alarmingly after the bends but climbed in 25.9 seconds. The fastest 500 was B Eccles cooper which in a quite unspectacular climb managed 26.45 seconds. M Vienzie cooper spat and spluttered after the left hand hair pin and so spoiled a promising attempt. D B Farrells Allard Cadilac made sure of the unlimited sports car class although an Allard never seems at its best on a Trengwainton. However, Farrells 25.99 secs, could not be approached by the XK140s, Austin healeys, etc. After a brief interval the crowd was on its toes for the open championship class, in this the smaller cars continued their duel among themselves, albeit over shadowed by the scrap for a new record between T Dryver and Reg Phillips. On his first run Dryver did 23.69 secs a new record, and Phillips was but .11sec slower. 23.89secs. For his second run was accounted for by the 1.08 cooper leaving the start at a awkward angle. Reg Phillips at last had the fairly cooper climax going really well and made sure of the situation with a faultless climb in 23.41secs B.T.D. and a new course record. Most runs after this excitement were in the nature of an anti climax, but various private battles continued until the final climb just after 5pm. 

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