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All you need to know about buying and selling private, cherished and personalised number plates.

If you are interested in buying or selling a private, cherished or personalised number plate for yourself or for a friend or a member of your family and you are unsure what the procedure is and what you have to do then look no further as we will guide you through the whole process and do the entire private number plate transfer for you.

So if you want to sell a private number plate that is on a vehicle.

As long as the personalised number plate that you wish to sell is held on a vehicle with tax and mot you are all set to go with getting the process started, you would need a V317 form from DVLA. If you wish to transfer the registration number from one vehicle to another you will need to fill in sections 2 and 3 on the form. Alternatively if you wish to take the registration number off the vehicle it is held on and place it on a retention document you will need to fill in sections 2 and 4 on the form. You will need to sign each section you fill in at the bottom of the V317 form. If you are selling a personalised number plate through a private number plate broker all the paperwork will usually be done for you and you will just need to sign the forms for the number plate transfer to be processed through DVLA.

All personalised, private and cherished number plate sales and purchases have to go through DVLA by law and the transfer process usually takes around 3-4 weeks to complete once all the paperwork has been completed and signed by any parties involved in the transfer.

If you are wanting to purchase a private number plate it is the same process but you will do this transfer as the buyer not the seller, the seller of the registration number will either have the number plate they are selling on a retention document, certificate of entitlement or on the vehicle itself and as stated above the vehicle must have tax and mot for the registration number to be transferred or retained. The form for this transfer is also a V317 DVLA form.

When buying or selling a personalised number plate all the help you need for the transfer process is readily available and as also stated above if you are purchasing or selling a private number plate through a broker the paperwork will usually be done for you anyway.

If you would like a valuation on a private number plate you own weather you are looking to sell the registration number or just for your own interest then email valuations will be returned to you within 48 hours of the valuation request being filled out.

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