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Personalised number plates and their values


Personalised number plates and their values

The top Ten most expensive personalised number plates sold by DVLA in their private number plate auctions held over the years are as follows:

At the top of the DVLA list is the private number plate 1 D, this was bought for £352,000 in March 2009 by a London-based Lebanese businessman and we believe this was a birthday present for his wife.

Second on the list is 51 NGH, this was purchased in January 2006 for £254,000

The Third most expensive personalised number plate to sell through the DVLA auctions is the registration number 1 RH sold in November 2008 for a total of £247,000 purchased by a retired businessman called  Robert Harverson from Surrey.

The Forth to Tenth most expensive number plate to have sold through DVLA auctions held over the years are as follows:

4) K1 NGS this number plate sold for £231,000 in December 1993

5) 1 O sold for £210,000 in January 2009

6) 1 A sold for £200,000 in December 1989

7) 1 OO this plate sold for £197,000 in January 2006

8) 2 O sold for £142,000 in March 2009

9) 6 B sold for £130,000 in September 2008

and finally the number Ten spot goes to the private number plate 1 HRH which sold for £113,000 in January 2009

So as you can see personalised and private number plates can fetch phenomenal amounts at auction.

Personalised / Private number plates have been around for decades but have only been held back for separate sale since 1983. Thre are four styles available which are Dateless, Suffix, Prefix and Current style.


Dateless number plates, which can be any combination of up to four numbers, followed by up to three letters, or vice-versa. These tend to be the most desirable because they hide a vehicles age.

Plates with age identifiers, such as 11 for a 2011 vehicle, or prefix M for the year 1994 can only be used on a vehicle of equal age or newer.

Personalised registration marks can be transferred to other vehicles for a fee, but once a car is scrapped the registration cannot be resurrected at all.

All private and personalised number plate transfers have to go through DVLA.

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