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Private number plate valuations

Do you need a private number plate valuation for the registration mark on your vehicle? Do you have a personalised number plate you wish to have valued or are you thinking of selling your number plate for cash?

Fill in a valuation request form on our website and have a accurate valuation sent to you via email within 48 hours, one of our team will value the number plate and you can come back to us if you wish for your number plate to be placed for sale on our website or if we are interested in purchasing your private number plate for stock we will also confirm this via email and give you a quote for an outright.

We buy and sell personalised number plates and cherished number plates to the public and to other number plate brokers on a daily basis and our specialised team value private number plates following guide lines and other sources to get an up to date accurate value in the current business climate. However if you have a number plate valued and you disagree with the value you have been given or wish to take less as you would like a quicker sale or if you would like to achieve more for your number plate as you think it is worth a higher value then you are able to change the figure you have been given on the original number plate valuation email.

All valuations are done in person and not by a computer or automated service therefore you will always receive an accurate valuation of the number plate in question.

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