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Private number plates are a unique opportunity


The DVLA timed private number plate auction is now in progress and still we find that number plates keep going up in value each year, as number plates become more sort after they also become more desirable to people of all ages and from any back ground. Many companies now even advertise their business name by having a private number plate with their business name on so as they are driving around everyone will see the number plate on the vehicle and think about the registration number and the business name it represents. It is amazing how many people will then google the number plate they have seen and if it is your company name it will then come up on google and you have a new customer on your website just resulting from seeing your vehicle driving around with your private number plate on advertising your business name.

Personalised registration plates are a unique opportunity to advertise your business name free of charge whilst driving around either while you are working or driving around at your own leisure, obviously the only cost you would concur is the original cost of purchasing the private number plate in the first place. Even though you are able to purchase private number plates through DVLA, personalised number plate brokers or private people all private number plate transfers have to go through DVLA direct. The transfer process is quite simple and usually if you have purchased a number plate off a private number plate broker they will do the whole transfer process for you anyway.

As briefly mentioned previously, private number plates do usually go up in value yearly and it has very rarely been discovered that a number plate would ever lose value due to the nature of the personalised number plates and their ever growing success in the market. There will only ever be one of each registration mark therefore if you purchase a private number plate you will always know that you own something that know one else has.

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