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Latest DVLA Auction updates for November 2014


The latest DVLA personalised number plate auction is going to be held at The Vale Resort, Hensol Park, Cardiff, CF72 8JY

The auction with be starting on Wednesday 26th November and will be held for three days and finishing on Friday 28th November 2014 the number plate auctions usually finish late afternoon. 

All the private number plates on offer can be found on the DVLA website in the latest auction section and you will be able to see the reserve prices that have been set on each number plate on offer in the auction. It will also say on which day the particular number plate you are interested in will be going through the auction so you can look out for it on that right day. This will save you from having to search through the hundreds of personalised number plates that will be going through the auction each day.

This DVLA personalised number plate auction is the 150th auction that DVLA have held throughout the years since they started holding the auctions so it is a very special occasion for DVLA themselves and all of DVLAs registered dealers. You will be able to find all of DVLAs registered dealers on their website so you can see for yourself who is recognised in the industry as a reputable company and is known for being reliable and honest in the number plate world.

Further updates on the DVLA number plate auction will be coming up soon so please look out for them if private, personalised or cherished number plates are one of your interests or hobbies.

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