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Part 5: New number plates on offer this week


We have many new private number plates on offer this week, lots of named plates perfect for Christmas presents and gifts.


B3 NDM (Ben, Benjamin, Benny, Bennie)

A3 NDM (Audi A3) 

S321 DJC

F7 ANA (Anna, Anne, Annie, Falcon F7 car) 

M55 TOG (M5 BMW)

YAZ 700 (Yazmin, Yazmine)

K800 URT (Kurt)

TAN 14W (Tania)

POL 155H (Polish)

R61 UBY (Ruby)

S630 RGE (George)

V500 JAK (Jack, Jackie, Jaqueline, Jake)

W16 JES (Jessica, Jessie)

XX55 BOB (Bob, Robert, Bobbie, Bobby)

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