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DVLA 15 registrations plates coming soon


DVLA are soon releasing the new 15 vehicle registration numbers they will be released in December, there are thousands of plates to choose from including some great combinations of letters spelling out various names. There are some fantastic number plates and brilliant offers available in the 15 plate selection. The price range of the registration plates will start from £250 and go through to around £2,000 for the number plates on sale and available on the day of release and others will be held back for future DVLA personalised number plate auctions some of which are AL15 SON (Alisson), BR15 TOL (Bristol) and AL15 TER (Alister), PA15 ANO (Paisano), TR15 TEN (Tristen), TW15 TER (Twister) just to name a few of the selected registration plates been held back due to the high demand for them. These registration marks amongst many others are expected to fetch high prices at auction but until the day it is anyones guess the amount they will fetch.

Each time there is a brand new registration mark released in to circulation there is always high demand for these number plates and it is a very buys time for private number plate brokers and DVLA themselves so it is understandable that DVLA do hold some highly sort after registration marks back for the auctions this way it gives everyone the same opportunity to battle it out for the number plate they have been waiting for. 

Some of the registration plates available to buy in December on the day of release are BL15 TER (Blister), BR15 KET (Butchers beef), CH15 ELS (Carpenters chisel), CR15 SEY, (Crissey), GL15 TEN (Glisten), KR15 TEY (Kristey, Kristy), ML15 TER (M Lister).

As always there are around 1500 registration plates going through the next DVLA auction. 

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