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Information on buying and selling number plates


Information on buying and selling a private number plate through select.

Private, cherished and personalised number plates available to purchase, personalised registration plates and their prices are listed on the select website. If you are interested in any of our private number plates listed on the select site and you want to make an offer then give us a call to discuss this. We have a friendly team of staff waiting to take your call and help you out with anything you need to know about buying or selling a private, cherished or personalised number plate. We accept good, sensible offers on most of our number plates and will always consider a reduction on a number plate if and where possible. To work on a quick turn around on our available personalised number plates we work on a low commission basis so we can replenish out stock plates and our privately owned number plates that we sell on a commission basis. If you have a private number plate you would like to sell we do not charge to sell the number plate we put our commission on top of the figure you require to be returned to yourself for the registration number, there are no hidden costs or fees to sell your own number plate. We have a featured plates page where we can advertise any number plate on the front page of our website and this is rotated every few days so if your number plate is for sale with us then it can be advertised on our front page to make it stand out more and attract more interest. You can place your number plate for sale with us weather the registration mark is held on the vehicle (with tax and mot) or on a certificate of entitlement or retention document. We do not need anything off you until the point of sale and we would contact all of our private clients as soon as we have any enquiries or offers on the number plate.


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