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February 2015 DVLA private number plate auction

Coming soon is the latest private number plate auction held by DVLA personalised registrations. Running for three days 25th, 26th and 27th of February 2015. The number plate auction will be held at The Nottingham Belfry, Nottingham Business Park, Mellors Way, Nottingham, NG8 6PY. There are now only 40 days left to register as a bidder at this auction! 

There will be around Five Hundred registration plates going through the auction on each of the three days so in total there will be around Fifteen Hundred private number plates on offer altogether throughout the entire number plate auction.

Number plate Lots 1 to 540 will be held on Wednesday 25th February then following this lots 541 to 1080 will be going through the auction on Thursday 26th and finally number plate lots 1081 to 1600 will be available on Friday 27th so there will be three full days of private number plate action to contend with.


Private and Cherished number plate brokers from across the Country will be attending the auction and if they are unable to attend the auction itself they will be watching via video link so they dont miss out on their desired lots. Some of the favourites in this auction are CHR 21S - Chris, CHE 3W - Chew, CRA 161N - Craig In, DAL 3H - Dale H, DJ51 NGH - DJ Singh, DOU 6B - Doug B, ERV 111N - Ervin, EPA 6E - E Page, FA15 ALS - Faisals, FAY 3A - Faye A, FRE 6D - F Read, GAT 7E - Gate, G302 GES - Georges, G422 ETH - Garreth, HET 77Y - Hetty, JAK 3G - Jake G, JE11 NNY - Jenny, JHE 47H - J Heath, JOE 111Y - Joey, KOR 111M - Korim, KNE 111L - Neil, LEA 4R - Lear, LAU 233N - Lauren, 78 MAT, 12 MCB, 444 MK, NAB 81L - Nabbil, Nabil, N412 ESH - Naresh, N422 EEN - Nareen, 30 O, 24 OOO, 777 OW, 12 PJA, 4000 PD, PAV 44K, 45 RAM, ROS 511E - Rosie, 3333 RP, 32 SAJ, SAN 5A - Sanjay, 9 SAT, 700 SL, SUK 1J, SU12 RAJ - Suraj, TRE 3V - Trev, Trevor, 450 V, 19 VW, WC 777, WEN 5Y - Wendy, X3 OOO, 708 Y, YTS 700

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