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58 Series Number Plates Now Available

Approximately 7 Million 58 series registration numbers have just been made available for purchase . The registration numbers can be used as Personalised Number Plates, Private Number Plates, Private Plates, Cherished Number Plates in the UK for any vehicle first registered after 1st September 2008.Previously, distinctive DVLA Number Plates have been snapped up as soon as they were released. Demand is likely to high for the new 58 number plates and the most appealing car

registration numbers will no doubt sell fast.New car registration forecasts for 2008 stand at 2.345 Million which represents a downturn of 0.04 per cent from 2.355 million in 2007 and is equal to the figure achieved in 2006, according to the SMMT, Society for Motor Manufacturing 2.345 Million new car registrations.The relatively stable forecasts for new car registrations are very encouraging given the overall economic outlook

As a result of the credit crunch and the media circus that followed. This further supports the view that 58 series DVLA registration numbers are likely to be in high demand as new car owners look to combine a Personalised Number Plate with new car status MR58 ALL - Would be a great Private Number Plate for Mrs Ball, Mrs Bell may choose MR58 ELL for her fantastic new DVLA Number Plate. I wonder if either of them would consider buying their husbands HU58 AND for his Personalised Registration Number. HU58 AND is held back for a future DVLA Auction.

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