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Police crack down on foreign cars in the UK

Until now foreign cars driving around in the UK have been slipping under the radar but police are now cracking down on them. In effect they have been almost invisible to the authorities because without a British number plate linked to a British address and a vehicle owner registered they are almost untraceable. Due to this the drivers of these vehicles have been avoiding speeding fines and parking tickets and even car tax. Foreign cars that have been in the UK for Six months must be registered with the DVLA ( Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency ) and the vehicle must be fitted with UK number plates. However if the owner of the vehicle is judged to be a UK resident the vehicle must be registered within two weeks of importing it in to the country.

Between 2010 and 2013 the Government estimated that around 350,000 cars had overstayed and been driven illegally this is estimated to have cost the Treasury around Sixty Million pounds per year in unpaid road tax. It was also published at the end of last year by the institute of Advanced Motorists that drivers of foreign registered cars had avoided at least £2.8 million pounds worth of speeding fines in Britain over the last two years alone. The reason for this is due to the fact that the authorities have been unable to track down the owners of the foreign registered vehicles involved. Innocent legal motorists are suffering as a result of this as illegal foreign drivers are more likely to flee from a scene when an accident has taken place as they know their number plates are very hard to trace. Even if they do not flee from the scene it is often that the vehicle they are driving will not have any insurance therefore legal innocent motorists forfeiting yet again.

So we have good news as six police forces across the UK have joined forces to crack down these illegal foreign motorists. The new operation they have in place with use information from HM Revenue and Customs. Records of all vehicles entering and leaving the country at ports and the Channel Tunnel will be used to identify the vehicles that have been in the country for over six months. This will automatically generate a list that will be sent straight to the police forces taking part in the new operation. Their information will be loaded in to the system and this will link it to the number plate recognition cameras, the camera will then identify foreign number plates and if a number plate tallies up with one on the database it will trigger an alert for the police to pull this vehicle over. This operation will cut down crime by reducing the number of cars on the road that are hard to trace due to their foreign number plates.

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