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Top Gear TV Show Latest News Update

Well some say Jeremy Clarkson is like a strong cheddar cheese, powerful and punchy but some might say he is just plain cheesy. With all the hype that is surrounding the latest allegations made I think the majority of us were hoping Top Gear would continue as normal and they will allow the latest three episodes that have already been filmed to be shown on our TV screens. Top Gear would not have been the same without Clarkson, likewise it would not have been the same without any of the three presenters as they all worked well together as a team and the program would not have been the same without Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond working together as one. No doubt all three presenters will be absolutely gutted at the outcome of todays news but hopefully we can see them all around in the future when things have calmed down in the public eye. Richard Hammond tweeted this morning that he was gutted and it is the end of an era, he stated that they are all idiots in their own way and they have had an incredible journey together along the way filming Top Gear. Sunday nights will not be the same without the latest Top Gear to brighten up our evening, the laughs and jokes that came with the show will be sorely missed by hundreds of thousands of fans from across the globe. Select number plates were certainly fans of the TV show and its presenters and it will be greatly missed every week. Thank goodness we can still see the repeat shows on the Dave TV channel. Who is going to introduce all the latest cars and interesting facts surrounding the motor trade now. Super cars go side by side with great private number plates so hopefully it wont be too long before Clarkson, May and Hammond will be back on our screens giving us all the information we need to know about the latest cars and releases in the motor industry!

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