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The brand new R prefix registration plates are being released this week and will go on sale at 8.30am on Wednesday 15th April. You will have to get up early if you want to grab one of these number plates however there are some that will be much more sort after than others. The registration plates that have names on like Gem, Jon, Rob, Sam, Saj, Haj, Jem, Ray, Ben, Ken, Lee, Lea, Jen, Tan, Tay, Bry, Kye, Tom, Dan, Bob, Cal, Raj, Nat, Don, Reg, Meg, Mel, Jay, Jan, Jam, Waj. These will all be very popular on the morning of release. In this range of number plates the DVLA are releasing the selection of numbers R21, R23, R24, R25, R26, R27, R28, R29, R31, R121, R123 and R321 so all these will be on offer to buy. This range of plates has been held back and has never been released before so they are all brand new registration marks that will becoming available. Any questions you may have about these registration marks can be answered either via phone or email, details of which are in the contact section of the website.

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