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Venice: Bicycles to get Number Plates!

Soon in Venice even bicycles will have a number plate. The Giunta council has approved a motion which would require a system of identification for bicycles which are in circulation in the council's territory.

The motion is called 'the bicycle register'. It consists of placing an irremovable and unique code on the frame of the bike. This will be run under a voluntary scheme to prevent theft.

The cost of the stamping and registering service will amount to 2 Euros a bike, but there will be five days in which the scheme will be promoted and where the cost will be less.

 "A similar initiative" said Enrico Mingardi, the councillor for Transport and Mobility "was introduced in the Municipality of Padova as an experiment. The two municipalities will share their registers and they will be made available to the police in order to check the ownership of bikes".

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