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More Incredible Number Plate Sales!

The biggest news in the world of private number plates would have to be the impressive sale of the plate '6 B' at the latest DVLA public auction, which took place last week in Wansford, Cambs.

Apparently, the number plate created a huge amount of interest, but bidders began to dwindle when the bid hit the £70,000 mark. The eventual lucky owner was an anonymous internet bidder, who secured the registration mark for a whopping £130,000!

Although no other registration plates raised quite as much, there were several other number plates that sold for respectable amounts. 'THE 571G' sold for £10,690. I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that this went to a Top Gear fan. 'OWN 1T' scooped an impressive £33,174, 'SYR 1A' sold for £25, 974 and 'NJM 4' went for £14,480.

So, another impressive week in the world of number plates. It doesn't surprise me really. A great number plate won't ever go out of fashion, end up in the scrap yard, or leak oil all over your drive when it gets old. A number plate is a great investment and it's clear that more and more people are catching onto this!

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