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Cherished Number Plate Values

There are several factors that will affect the valuation of Cherished Number Plate.

1) How many have been issued over the years?

2) How popular are the initials or the name which the registration number depicts?

3) Is it an ageless plate or does it have a year identifier?

4) Are the numbers first or are the letters first on the number plate.

5) Does it have any other significance, for example all Scottish registrations have a letter S as the 2nd or 3rd letter.

6) How many digits are there , one letter and one number is the best, 7 digits the worst ( unless it obviously spells something ).

7) How many other similar registrations are there for sale right now?

All these factors have to go in to consideration when valueing a Private Number Plate. This may be a little bit of help to you if you are trying to work out the value of your own number plate! Select Number Plates offer a free number plate valuation on line.

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