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MP calls for Welsh flag on plates

NORTH Wales AM Janet Ryder is to press for legal rights for the Welsh flag to be displayed on car number plates.

Her bid for the devolved power to allow the Assembly to legislate over the issue was yesterday selected in a ballot. The Plaid AM is a regular campaigner for registration plates to show national flags. Now a motion will now go before the Assembly for approval before a proposed order is laid.

Mrs Ryder said: “Labour in London promised back in 2001 to legalise the use of national flags on car number plates. “Seven years on and we’re still waiting for the London government to act. “Thousands of people in Wales are driving around with illegal number plates because they want to show they’re Welsh and proud of it. “Many have told me they’re fed up with waiting for the London government to get its act together. “If Gordon Brown won’t listen to us, then it’s right that we pass our own laws to make these number plates legal.”

Her campaign attracted more than a thousand signatories for an online petition at and on a Facebook group with more than 400 members

For more information: Daily Post

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