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First day stampede for F Prefix number plates!

The rush for the new F Prefix personalised Registrations has shone a light on the cloud of financial uncertainty by setting a new sales record for personalised registrations sold in a single day.

Tuesday’s launch of the F-prefix registrations amassed £3.42 million in 10 hours, surpassing the previous highest figure by more than £200,000 set four years ago with the launch of the E-series.

The sale proved to be so intense, more than 40,000 call attempts were being made per hour throughout the day.

The F-Series, with the numbers one to 20, was the final set of prefix registrations previously unavailable to buy following DVLA’s decision to hold them back for future sales.

Damian Lawson, marketing manager for DVLA Personalised Registrations, said: “We’ve been completely taken back by the immense response. Setting a new sales record in today’s economic climate clearly indicates consumers are still ready to invest in a personalised registrations.”

More than £3.22 million worth of personalised registrations were sold by the DVLA during a three-day auction held in Cambridgeshire last month.

This proves that Private Number Plates are still a very popular investment to buy.

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