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New Anti Theft Number Plates

DVLA has worked with number plate manufacturers to agree an industry standard for 'anti theft' plates. This now allows manufacturers to bring DVLA approved theft resistant number plates to market. Plates will only meet the standard if they cannot be removed within three minutes or cannot be reused after removal.

 "This is good news for law abiding motorists and the police and bad news for criminals. These new anti-theft plates will help to reduce the number of innocent drivers who receive fines for something they did not do and who have the stress of proving their innocence. They will also help to reduce vehicle cloning where stolen vehicles are sold on to unsuspecting motorists, and tackle the problem of petrol station 'drive offs' as criminals will no longer be able to hide behind stolen registration plates."

Meredith Hughes, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police and Head of ACPO Road Policing said:

"Number plate theft appears to be a growing problem. It is a crime in its own right, but also leads to further criminality as stolen plates can be used to disguise vehicle identity. DVLA's initiative to promote theft resistant number plates is welcome."

Frank Whiteley, Chief Constable of Hertfordshire Constabulary and lead member of ACPO agrees:

"I support DVLA's adoption of a standard for theft resistant number plates. If the industry takes up this challenge and more secure number plates become readily available, it should help to reduce this criminal activity.

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