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DVLA GetS More Powers

As from the beginning of the month the DVLA have been given even more powers to combat the road tax evaders. Now they can go anywhere at any time and clamp vehicles, in order to prevent car tax evasion.

Before the 1st October the DVLA did not have the power to clamp or even ticket a car that was not on the public roads, but this has now changed meaning that the DVLA enforcement officers are able to clamp a car even if the car is parked on private land.

This rule change is going to catch a lot of people out, as they may still believe that they run the risk of being caught only while they are on the road.

However, the DVLA will soon have an army of public highway enforcement practitioners, who must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA); NCP Services are in the process of applying for their licence to clamp.

Richard Kitchen, Director of Policy and External Communications at DVLA, said, “There is no excuse for not taxing your vehicle. These new powers will allow us to step up enforcement against drivers who think they can avoid the rules by parking their vehicle off the road.”

To make it even harder for the road tax evader, the DVLA will also be using mobile units, these are vans that have been fitted with automatic number plate recognition cameras to search out the tax evaders no matter where they may hide their vehicles.

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