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Police Release Killers Car Number Plate!

Police investigating a double shooting outside a pub in Glasgow have released the number plate of a car thought to have been used by the killers.

George Redmond, 42, died and John McGuire was seriously injured after they were shot outside the Waldorf pub in Cambridge Street on 6 October.

Two men are believed to have made off in a black Porsche Cayenne bearing registration plates: LJ05 FHR.

Police said enquiries had confirmed that the number plates were false.

The officer in charge of the investigation, Det Supt John Riggans, said the fake plates related to a similar car in the south of England.

"I am satisfied that the car in England bears the true plates and that the suspects cloned the Porsche Cayenne which was seen leaving the scene," he said.


"We are still trying to clarify the origins of this vehicle. Does it belong to the suspects?

"Was it bought from a member of the public or car dealer prior to the shooting? Has any attempt been made to sell it since the crime?

"It is vital that we trace this car and I am confident that with the assistance of the public and the determination and commitment of the enquiry officers, it is only a matter of time."

Det Supt Riggans said officers were still trying to trace the owner of a dark coloured convertible car which was parked outside a nearby Farmfoods store at the time of the shooting.

He said a person was seen near the car wearing a white shirt and waistcoat.

Det Supt Riggans added: "I am very interested in speaking to a man who contacted the police the day after the murder.

"The call was made from a phone box in the west end of Glasgow. This person provided information and I am keen to personally talk to this man. I would stress that the call could be in confidence." 

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