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Protect Your Number Plates from Theft

With the new technology out now we are able to send one of our trained number plate fitters to your home or work place and fully fit the new anti-theft number plates to your vehicle.

At the moment the service is £89 fully fitted and this includes one of our trained staff to come out to you and fit the number plates while you wait, we cover most parts of the UK, it only takes around 15 mins and you will be fully equipt with your new anti-theft number plates.

All the worries of waking up in the morning and finding your number plates have been stolen off your car are now over, with the new anti-theft number plates, thieves will be detered as the number plates are useless to them if taken off your vehicle. The number plates will shatter if thieves try to take them off your vehicle so therefore they are un-useable to thieves who may wish to use them in some sort of vehicle crime.

If you require any further information on having  these number plates fitted then please give us a call on 0121 353 6666 or email us at

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