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New Car Make Number Plates Being Released

The DVLA have database of car registrations, which is virtually inexhaustible, if you can think of a name, brand or even a short phrase the chances are that this could be produced by making your own number plate up, or could it?

It seems that not all of the combinations of letters and numbers are available; this is especially true when it comes the brands such as BMW and VW. These number plates are held back by the DVLA and then gradually over time they are released through the series of personalised number plate auctions that they hold throughout the UK every year.

Here are just a few of the number plates that are expected to get the bidders going:

There just has to be an Alfa owner who would want this one ALF 4A
BMW fans would love to have one of these on their car, BMW 1A and BMW 730D

Mercedes-linked plates including CLS 6, 79 CS, 58 SL and SLR 73X
Jaguar drivers may like these number plates 36 JAG and XJR 1A
For MG enthusiasts 78 MG
D47 SUN (Datsun) with a reserve price of just £350
The highest reserve for the event is £8,000 set for 1 RH
Mitsubishi Evo drivers may be tempted to fork out for EVO 1S.

Damian Lawson, Marketing Manager for DVLA Personalised Registrations, said, “While the auction will be brimming with the usual array of registrations to suit all tastes, there’s a crop which will be of particular interest to fans of specific car marques.”

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