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Number Plate Flags or Logo's

There is still confusion about what type of logo or flag you are legally allowed to display on your car number plates.

Thousands of motorists have been unwittingly breaking the law after the Government backtracked on a promise to legalise the display of Union Flags on number plates.

Ministers said they would take action to exempt British drivers from EU-inspired legislation which also outlawed the Cross of St George, the Scottish Saltire and the Welsh Dragon.

In a statement in December 2001 following a Mail on Sunday campaign, the then Transport Minister John Spellar, now a Government Whip, assured motorists that they could continue displaying national symbols on their number plates.

‘This is what the people of England, Scotland and Wales have asked for and strengthens their feeling of national identity,’ he declared.
And DVLA officials indicated legislation would be brought forward ‘within a month’ and said the police would take a ‘relaxed attitude’ to alleged offenders in the meantime.

But the change was never made – and it is only now, following a series of parliamentary questions from MPs and renewed pressure from this newspaper, that the true situation has been revealed.

The fiasco means that for the past seven years motorists with national flags on their plates have unknowingly been risking prosecution, a fine of £1,000 and an MoT failure for their vehicle.

Therefore people are still unsure what they are allowed to have displayed on their private number plates.

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