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Some of the Most Expensive Number Plates Sold

There are thousand of people buying number plates on a daily basis but statistics have found that:


British Asians have topped the list of drivers who spend fortunes for personalised number plates.

The list reflected that in the past year, people have spent tens of thousands of pounds to get ethnic-themed registration numbers and the most costly number plate, 51 NGH (Singh), which fetched £254,000 pounds, went at auction to a mystery buyer.

There were other Asians who paid huge sums to the DVLA, which include-18,000 pounds for AHM 5D (Ahmed), 51,500 pounds for 1 RAN (Iran), 20,500 pounds for SYR 1A (Syria), 16,500 pounds for 81 ACK (Black) and 27,200 pounds for    WEL 5H (Welsh).

Figures revealed that number plate sales fetched £87million pounds for the Treasury last year.

This array of cherished number plates reflects Britain's changing face.

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