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New 09 Number Plates Released

Why not take the plunge this winter as this November a hidden treasure of new registration numbers of millions of ‘09’ plates are revealed.

The latest series of registration numbers opens up a whole new world of personalised registration marks, to suit all different tastes and interests.

With a little imagination, someone with a passion for scuba diving might wish to splash out on FR09 MEN. With several million possible combinations, there is sure to be something that will appeal to most tastes.

Damian Lawson, the marketing manager for DVLA Personalised Registrations, commented: “A great number of our ‘09’ customers will purchase them now to put on a new vehicle next March.

Here at Select Number Plates we will search through thousands of number plates to help you find the perfect number plate for you and in time for that perfect christmas present.

Buying a ‘09’ Registration could not be simpler with the recent launch of the DVLA registration marks. Millions of available registrations are now only a mouse click away. To find your ideal registration in time for Christmas, visit and you are bound to find somehting that is right for you!!

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