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Keep your Number Plate Visible at all Times

When it comes to car number plates, visability is the key. If your number plate is not visable then you need to get it replaced with a new one. Incorrectly displayed number plates are quite common but the DVLA are trying to crack down on this problem.

 If your number plate is broken, faded or badly scratched then you should get it replaced before you get pulled over and possibly receive a fine. Number plates must be permanently attatched to the vehicle and if you have a trailor,caravan or anything else thats restricts the view of the number plate then you must attatch an accessory plate so your number plate is visable to all other road users.

At Select Number Plates we can provide you with a replacement number plate for £15 each or a set of number plates for £25 delivered. If you order the number plates before 4pm we can deliver them the next day.

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