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Some Number Plates are Banned due to Offence

They are among hundreds of potentially offensive number plates spotted by licensing chiefs.

O54MA (Osama), HO57AGE (hostage), BU58OMB (bus bomb), MA56ACA (massacre), and HE58OLA (Hezbollah) will not be issued by the DVLA. Anything including JEHAD or HAMAS is also out.

Other plates on a black list drawn up by a secret panel are thought provocative on religious grounds or likely to spark racial hatred.

They include MO56LEM (Moslem), anything with the letters KORAN or JESUS, GA55OVN (gas oven) and GOO5TEP (goosestep).

Number Plates like BOO4ZYY (boozy) are banned to discourage drink-driving. And SEX is a no-no.


A spokesman for the Swansea-based DVLA said: “Every number is checked to ensure it doesn’t cause offence.”

Lib Dem transport spokesman Norman Baker, who obtained the list under Freedom of Information laws, said: “Some combinations would be deeply offensive.Therefore are not allowed to be sold.

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