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Number Plate Flags Now Legal

This has been an up, down battle where one minute it is ok to have a flag on a number plate, while the next it is illegal and the vehicle owner could end up with a fine.

 But now it seems that the problems with number plate flags have been straightened out, so what is the background on this story?

 Back in 2001, it was decided that the only flag allowed on a number plate was the European flag, the blue background with gold stars. If any other flag or symbol was on the number plate then the police could quite easily pull the driver over and slap a £60 fine on them.  

 Not only that if they did not want to keep being pulled over and fined they would need to replace the number plates with legal ones.

 But now in a complete U turn, it is now ok to have either the Union Flag, Cross of St George, Scottish saltire or Welsh dragon next to the numbers and letter of a number plate. They would also have to have the following beneath the flag, Eng for England, Sco for Scotland, Wal for Wales or GB for Great Britain.

 The only problem is that they have not included Northern Ireland into the deal as they have to decide which symbol they want to use.

 Jeffrey Donaldson, the Democratic Unionist party MP for Lagan Valley, said,"I think it is most unfortunate that Northern Ireland should be excluded from this scheme,"

 He added, "We have managed to find symbols in the Assembly and Police Service which have satisfied all sides of the community.


"I think the Government has taken the lazy way out."


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