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Different Styles of Number Plates

Article posted 16/02/2009

When Buying a Private Number Plate, there are many different styles to choose from. Such as Prefix style, Suffix style, Current Style and Dateless Plates.

They can be called Private or Cherished Number Plates and people are sometimes confused of what to look out for.

Information on the different styles

Prefix Style number plates have a letter at the start then 1,2 or 3 numbers and then another 3 letters at the end.

(i.e) E9 DDE

Suffix Style have 3 letters at the start the 1,2, or 3 numbers in the middle then a letter at the end.

(i.e) MER 11T

Current style have 2 letters then 2 numbers in the middle and then 3 letters at the end.

(i.e) MR56 LOW

You must take in to consideration the year of your vehicle when buying a number plate as the number plate must be the same year or younger than the vehicle it is going on.

For example you could not put MR56 LOW on a car that was made before the year 2006 whereas you could put a dataless number plate on any vehicle whether old or new no matter what year the vehicle is.

 Many number plates are sold at DVLA auctions that are held throughout the year in various locations.

A few examples of the number plate that have been sold at the number plate auctions are:

1 YC was sold in December 1998 for £5,500

WFT 1 was sold in March 2004 for £6,100

1 AHE was sold in February 2006 for £12,600

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