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Are Private Number Plates Getting More Popular

Article Posted 31/03/2009

Private registration numbers are becoming one of the most popular, must-have accessories among the rich and famous.

Whilst prices fetched for the most desirable plates have always been high, they are suddenly moving into the stratosphere.

Sought-after registration plates are routinely going under the hammer for well in excess of £100,000, with some buyers prepared to pay more than the price of cars or a detached house in certain cases.

The DVLA, which raises millions of pounds for the Treasury from the auctions is selling its range of single-digit O-Series plates for staggering prices, including raising £1.3 million for just seven plates at the last auction held.

The personalised registration 1 O fetched £210,242 in January and 2 O fetched £142,250 just this month at auction.

Next in the series will be 3 O which will be in the Auction in June, although it is unlikely to fetch the record-breaking sum of £352,000 that was paid for 1 D this month.

No one expected that these registrations would fetch this amount, but they just seem to be getting more and more popular.


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