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Article Posted 13/05/2009

The DVLA has revealed its forthcoming 59-series number plates, three weeks ahead of its official sale date on June the 2nd. The new registrations, which will be seen on the roads in September, will be the last of the 50s series plates that are released. The new milestones in March and September means next year that car registrations will include 10 and 60 respectively.

The current style plates that were introduced nine years ago, involving two letters, a two figure age identifier followed by a space and three further letters opened up a whole new opportunity for personalised registrations in the UK.

Fine examples of this included WE57 HAM, HU58 AND and MU51 CAL amongst many more.

The next DVLA auction will be held at:

Wychwood Park, Crewe, Cheshire, and this will be the setting for our next three-day auction of 2009, commencing on June 3rd.

The auction will include the release of several highly sought after registrations, including 7 T, with a reserve of £10,000.

Following on from the last auction where 2 O sold for £115,000 this auction includes 3 O reserved at £8,000. Other notable registrations include CR05 SBY,  JAK 3E and RON 444N.

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