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Private Number Plate Auction

Article Posted 27/05/2009

The next DVLA Auction is going to be held on the 3rd June 2009 at, Wychwood Park in Crewe, Cheshire.


HOT 71P typifies the array of comical registrations that will be on offer, 3 O is thought to be the'star' of the show, especially if the two auctions of 2009 are anything to go by with 1 O and 2 O being sold to investors for £210,242 and £142,249 respectively.

Although the DVLA catalogue features a large number of personalised plates with reserves from as little as £350, the auctioneers are bracing themselves for a possible bidding war over the number plate 7 T and has set a £10,000 reserve to support its value. However, it is not expected to reach the staggering £352,411 that a businessman paid for 1 D at the last auction held in March.

The auction will also feature many more private plates to suit all car and bike owners out there. Some of the plates featured will be:

ELV 115S,   RUN 8OY,   FLU 555H   and   F4 YED.

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