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Buying and Selling Private Number Plates

Article Posted 09/07/2009

When Buying or Selling a private number plate, there is a few things that are useful to know;

First of all when selling a number plate, there are two options of how to do this; the first is to do a car to car transfer by using a V317 DVLA form, this is when the number plate on your vehicle will go straight on to another vehicle.

The other option is to put the number plate on a retention document by using a  V778 DVLA form. To put your number plate on retention your vehicle must be Taxed and MOT'd.

When Buying a private number plate, there are many different types of number plates to chose from, including; Dateless plates (Being the most popular type) , Prefix Style, Current Style and Suffix Style.

There are many different combinations of letters and numbers to chose from, therefore you will find something that is suitable for you,  there is a private number plate out there for every personality, name, taste etc.

When searching to buy a number plate you can type in various search words such as; your name/sirname, your favorite football club, hobbie or company name and many more.

Most of the time when you buy a private number plate it will be received on a retention document or a certificate of entitlement unless you are doing a car to car transfer.

You are able to keep a private number plate on a retention document for as long as you like, by re-newing the document each year for a cost of £25 via DVLA. Therefore you are able to buy a number plate in advance if you wish to give it as a birthday or christmas present or have not yet received the vehicle you would like the number plate to go on.

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