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Article Posted 07/08/2009

Recent reports have shown that interest in new car sales has risen leading up to the new "59" series of number plates being released in September 2009.

The combination of the increasing popularity of private registration plates and the new car scrappage scheme that was introduced, has made orders for new car sales rise quite substantially.

There are various factors that contribute to the public's interest in the latest car models, one of which is the latest registration plates ( Although this factor can be over looked by many people ).

The "59" series of number plates are to represent the later half of 2009. They are significant as they mark the end of the "50" series plates, which first came out in September 2001.

If you have missed out on getting your private number plate in the last series of plates. You now have a chance to snap up your favorite personalised plate in the new series.

As this is the end of an era in this series, in March 2010 we will see the "10" and "60" private plate series released.



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