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DVLA Auction Progress Update

Article Posted 07/08/2009

The DVLA private number plate auction in now in progress.

The auction finishes today and so far the two most expensive registrations plates have been sold on this final day.

Before the auction started the registration number 4 O was expected to be the star of the show. This is the fourth number to be auctioned this year as part of the "O" series of plates, that started with 1 O being sold in the auction in January for £210,000.

2 O was sold in March for £142,248.75 and 3 O went for £63,128.75 in June 2009.

As expected there was quite a bit of interest in 4 O which then eventually sold for £63,128.75, this is the exact same amount that 3 O was sold for in June.

The most surprisingly outcome so far in this DVLA auction was the registration 1 PNE. There was considerable interest in this number plate. Even so much so that it surpassed the price achieved for 4 O.

1 PNE sold for a total price of £86,617.50.

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