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Number plate NO04 BBS has been originally issued between March and August 2004 by Newcastle DVLA office. This format of registration is commonly referred to as current style number plates. It determines where and when the registration mark has been originally issued. The first letter of the registration identifies a broad area within the UK. In this case 'N' is a mnemonic standing for North. The second letter is used to narrow it further to the specific DVLA office within the broad area. In this case the letter 'O' signifies the plate has been issued by Newcastle DVLA office.



Registration Marks must not be used to make vehicles appear to be newer than they are. For example a vehicle registered with a current style 54 plate cannot be assigned a Registration Mark that is newer than a 54 registration. Further details of number plate dates are available in the info section of the Select Number Plates website. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the registration mark purchased is suitable for the recipient vehicle. If in doubt phone us on 0121 353 6666.